SCAS for Dynamics 365

от Seeloz Inc.

Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS) is the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning engine.

Seeloz is the global leader in Supply Chain Automation, leading a transformation wave to revamp operational efficiency across the world’s most critical value chains through our AI-driven Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) technology. Covering more than twenty industry verticals and all major types of supply chains, Seeloz Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS), the world’s first ARP, plays a pivotal role in reimagining supply chains using Artificial Intelligence.

Addressing the major challenges faced by traditional supply chain management techniques and resulting in making the task of managing complex supply chains pretty much beyond human capacity, SCAS’s core ARP technology consists of a game-changing Reinforcement-Learning-based planning engine that’s capable of autonomously driving supply chain functions including procurements, production & cross-warehouse movements (transfers) with no forecasting-based execution & no need for traditional parameter & equation-driven inventory planning.

Through tailoring the core technology to fit different supply chain types, SCAS offers Vertical AI solutions for:

1. SCAS Production: for Inbound Manufacturing Supply Chains
2. SCAS Distribution: for Outbound Distribution Supply Chains

Across these supply chains, SCAS solutions comprehensively manage inventory allocation activities while driving value for your organization, your internal and external trading partners. The key benefits of the SCAS solutions are:

1. 20% - 40% reduction in overstock paired with 60% - 80% reduction in stockouts
2. Optimal Inventory procurement and replenishment decisions
3. Real-time Inventory visibility and decision support
4. Minimized operational costs & supply chain overhead with maximized topline revenues
5. Flexibility to make physical supply chain changes without additional costs.

SCAS provides Seeloz Customers a great opportunity to take on a gradual milestone-driven Supply Chain Transformation Journey. Through its strategic global partnership with Microsoft, the world’s largest enterprise software company, Seeloz is leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to transform massive global supply chains through SCAS. The Seeloz/Microsoft alliance would be the perfect technology partners for our customers throughout this journey.

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