Heshun Investment & Finance platform

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从投资主体 、基金管理人、投资项目、底层资产、业务团队等不同维度,综合实现对所有投资业务的管理;做到风险跟踪控制、业务流程协同、决策分析支持、信息聚合分享,帮助投资团队实现生产力赋能,帮助企业实现数字化转型!


Based on Microsoft office 365 and dynamics 365 technical platform, our product has an inherent interface with all kinds of Microsoft product, such as office, outlook, sharepoint, powerBI. Our product can be running on Microsoft cloud platform or local environment.Our product can support the following business scenario, such as, fundraising, deal management, portfolio management, cash flow management,

For the fundraising module, our product has following functions, such as potential LP management, LP management, contact management, investment opportunity management, fundraising forecast and fundraising analysis report.

For deal management module, our product has following functions, such as deal sourcing, deal management, company management, deal stage management, due diligence management, document management.

For portfolio management module, our product has following functions, such as portfolio company financial report management, portfolio financial figure analysis, SPV management, board management, board resolution management, share price management.

For cash flow management module, our product can manage investment cash flow, portfolio valuation, fund valuation; show portfolio level investment performance (IRR,MOC) and fund level investment performance (IRR,MOC,DPI,TVPI) at any investment date, the LP pro-rata investment data (portfolio level by transparent view); also can do automatic management fee calculation and waterfall calculation, generate LP report .

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