Process Sentry

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The software to ensure the reliability of your business-critical workflows and digital activities

Summary :

Are you struggling with managing business-critical data flows and digital processes?

Process Sentry software enables organizations to succeed when modernizing their digital workflows,

How ?

  • Process Sentry will provide all the functionalities to ensure the success and reliability of your daily digital operations thanks to the automated control of application flows,
  • Process Sentry will allow your heterogeneous workflow technologies (API, ETL, ESB, ...) to converge in a central Business view,
  • Process Sentry and the Microsoft Power Platform will bring you a mutualisation of tools : Orchestrator, Scheduler, Automate, Data Flow Manager, business activity and KPI Monitors,
  • Process Sentry is a Cloud native application, based on the Microsoft Power Platform architecture, setup in your own Microsoft Azure tenant
  • Applications connectors and other automated tasks are fully integrated with your Microsoft Power Automate software.

Key Benefits :

  • Improve the reliability of data flows and operations for all departments, business and IT,
  • Mitigate data flow issues and business penalties on business-critical flows,
  • Reduce management costs and skills required for data workflow operations,
  • Consolidate multiple tools into one, including out-of-the-box features.

Key Features :

  • Orchestrate and monitor 24/7 data flows between heterogeneous applications (for greater reliability),
  • Generate alerts and KPIs on data flows and digital process operations (to be more proactive).
  • Manage the impact of data flows in a digital process (to be more agile in creating new digital services),
  • Connect digital data flows and processes in a single, shared view (to break down IT and business silos),
  • Simplify business-critical, recurring or low-value data exchange tasks (for greater business efficiency).

Business uses cases :

All companies, in all sectors, are affected by the control of one or more digital processes such as those offered by Process Sentry.

Thanks to its real-time view of digital process execution :

  • Business Stakeholders: can access the tracking of their digital business process through Microsoft Teams,
  • Application managers and developers: can track daily workflow operations and see the impact of a change,
  • IT operations: can manage data exchanges and digital activities with Process Sentry. They can receive targeted process alerts in their monitoring tools to better support field operations,
  • Decision makers: can be alerted and informed of the success or failure of critical business processes, such as e-commerce payment or customer order processes.

Our value by industry :

  • Education : Candidats/students Onboarding process automation and simplification,
  • Finance : Reliability of data centralisation in a financial revenue consolidation process,
  • Manufacturing/Logistics : Digital workflow management of a product or a service from order to delivery,
  • Compliance : GDPR control and follow-up,
  • IT Operations : Data synchronization in a Cloud migration process, application and data flows map and dependencies.

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