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Government Cloud Based Source Selection and Award-Award 360

As a module within ABS’ Procurement 360 solution, Award 360 is an end-to-end source identification, and award lifecycle management solution for public procurement professionals on the highly scalable Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps Platform. Award 360 provides a cloud acquisition management environment where users enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire source selection lifecycle and all relative information across the organization. Using a source selection plan as an example, the system will store all email correspondence, appointments, tasks, phone calls, notes and documents are all visible from the Plan form within the application.

Award 360 features:

  • Portals provide ease of interaction with offerors.
  • Dashboards deliver Operational and Executive Information with real time record drill down capability.
  • Microsoft native integrations (Office, Email, Calendar, Documents, Teams) allow the Organization to work in a fully informed, highly effective and efficient manner.
  • Microsoft Cloud allows team members to work in a highly secure environment from any location.
  • Full Lifecycle support: Budget Management, Aquisition Management, Program, Contract and Operations Management.

Award 360 functionality:

Source Selection Plans

  • Source Selection Plan Templating & Sharing Capability
  • Standardized Sections & Text
  • Milestone Management
  • Source Selection Team Identification & Notification
  • Development Approval Process Support
  • Evaluation Development Support
    • Evaluation Team Identification, Notification & Management
    • Evaluation Factor Development with:
    • Allowable Adjectival Rating Responses
    • Adjectival Rating Group Assignment
    • Answer Scoring
    • Synchronized Evaluation Factor and Criteria Guideline Language to ensure cohesive messaging 

Evaluation Processing 

  • Automatic Response Evaluation Creation and Evaluator Notification
  • Evaluator tracking capability
  • Supports multiple responses for each factor

Consensus Evaluation Development

  • Automatic Consensus Creation
  • Online, Collaborative, Excel-supported consensus development

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