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Drive relevant, timely and personalized engagements with your customers and prospects.

Drive a great omni-channel customer journey, engaging customers with a personal, relevant, seamless, and differentiated experience with a 360-degree view of the customer, including existing ERP data with Annata 365 for Sales.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Annata's solution provides extended capabilities, industry-specific business processes, data models and functionalities for sales and marketing teams working in automotive or equipment industries, supporting multiple brands and locations.

Among the wide ranging features the solution offers:

  • Manage sales processes across multiple brands and locations.
  • Capture and manage automotive and equipment specific information on leads.
  • Automate processes for lead qualification and follow-up based on brand, location or type of interest.
  • Manage and monitor test drive processes from booking to follow-up stage.
  • Provide sales teams with easy-to-access, enriched customer 360° views wherever they are with intuitive user interface via web client or mobile application.
  • Trigger and automate engagements at selected points in the customer life cycle to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

How to Experience

  • Test Drive: To immediately experience the Annata 365 for Sales solution with the associated sample data, try the Test Drive option. With a Test Drive, you don’t need a Dynamics 365 environment and you’ll have two hours to experience the product.
  • Contact me: To get in contact with Annata representative please use the Contact me option and we will be in touch very soon.

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