Cnext Customer Retention Buddy

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Our customer retention Buddy proactively alerts sales & marketing about customer churn

According to Forbes, it can cost 5 times more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one. So, if you don’t have a retention strategy in place, it will be considerably more expensive to boost your sales. 

Now there’s great news: Customer Retention Buddy makes it easy for sales teams to connect with those customers that matter, with those customers that need your attention and will impact your results. 
Further, based on the automatically created customer segments, marketing will get more insight into their behavior. And, empowered by these insights they can tailor their strategy & communication to each segment and boost their impact. Because Customer Retention Buddy is built in the cloud, all of your customer behavior information is in one place and available anytime. 
With our Buddy, you eliminate the risk and expense associated with traditional drawn-out AI software development projects, and their related hardware and hidden costs.

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