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Empower decision-making by streamlining reviewing and approval processes with our DASA application.

Do you struggle to standardize your decision management processes? Are you having a hard time finding, reviewing, approving and collaborating on specific requests/documents or other similar entities?

Comtrade presents DASA, an application that can centralize your approval requests, help you track meeting minutes, and empower your approval and signing process on specific requests (e.g. budget, risk assessment reports, reviews, etc.)

DASA stands for Decision Approval and Signing Application. As stated within the name, the application helps large teams to effectively exchange, review and approve (or decline) specific requests. The app also assists employees in keeping records of Meeting Minutes by centralizing all relevant information regarding the discussed topic in one place.
One of the Use-Cases is tied to the Banking industry where large Loan Risk Evaluation Teams need to collaborate with management boards in order to fully process loan approvals and follow through all the standardized procedures.
The application can be fully customized to your company specific requests regarding procedures and processes.

Main functionalities:
  1. List of Applications/Requests (filter by status)
  2. Search for Applications by title or company
  3. Application data – multiple forms (WA, PLC, CC …)
  4. Application documents. Preview (pdf) or download documents in the application
  5. View approvers status in DASA
  6. Approve in email (Outlook or other), Teams or DASA

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