Facility Management for Dynamics 365

от Intelligent Systems

Facility Management for Dynamics 365 is a software solution for facility management companies.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics technology, Facility Management for Dynamics 365 covers the business process related to administrative management of buildings, floors, locations, adjacent areas, as well as their corresponding building costs, expenses and receivables, documents (such as contracts and annexes).

Facility Management for Dynamics 365 is designed to track all incoming and outgoing communication with customers through different channels (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.), providing first-class service. It ensures streamlined user experience through detailed planning to all tasks through quick access to key dashboards.


  • Locations integrated with Bing maps
  • Related contacts
  • Recent opportunities
  • Enhanced Company profile management
  • Building expenses
  • Building measurements calculation based on Free/Occupied locations
  • Locations on floor
  • Manage both Owned and Rented from a third party locations
  • Building and floor occupancy calculations
  • Rental data information (rented to, contract line rental data)
  • Automatic generation of rent receipts
  • Related contracts

and many more.

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