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Use this app to track all the store visits tasks together with the evidence needed to follow up


Manage, report and track all your data from store/site visits via our Store visit app and provide real time updates to the team on the performance directly within Dynamics 365.

If you are an IT administrator or a Sales Manager looking to improve the experience for your sales teams of capturing information when they visit retail stores to validate your merchandise or different sites to monitor the status of your machinery or products, then this app will provide you with a complete solution to take notes, take pictures, provide feedback, evaluate competitors and ensure that you are able to capture valuable information which does not need to be re-entered when you go back to the office.

The store visit app is compatible with any iOS and Android device that supports Power Apps app from the Appstore.

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Real-time data fetch and update: Mobile app is connected to your Dynamics365 and/or Dataverse database, everything you do on the app is updated on your current database, everyone can see the progress as you move forward on the Store Visit.

Add notes for a visit: Comments and notes are important when it comes to your products inside a store, it is important to save comments and details you observed during a store visit, so others are aware of the situation on that specific day.

Evaluate competitor products: With this app you can track what your competitors are doing in the same store, this can be from a simple note, task or evidence like photos.

Take pictures: This app enables the sales users to take pictures directly from the cell phone and save them into your Store Visit record, this means everyone that has access to Dynamics or your Power App can see the images and the most important part is that the system will move your photos from your Dataverse storage to your OneDrive storage once the store visit record is close, this is to save you money in terms of storage availability.

Guided step by step progression: The app guides the user through a simple 3 step process, in these 3 steps you will be able to complete tasks linked to the store, make notes, create tasks, create appointments and take photos/evidence.

Surveys and feedback: If you have a survey engine like Customer Voice or other, you can create a specific store visit task and add the survey link for that particular store, sales users will answer the survey as part of store visit process.

How Store visit app makes the most of your Dynamics 365 CRM investments:

    • Saves 1-2 hours or $800 monthly on updating information manually in the systems
    • Increases store visits coverage by 30% by removing the time needed to update the back-end systems after coming back to the office.


Store Visit App (Model Driven App): This application is for the users at the office, they can see the store visits on the calendar view of the store visit section, users can create and link different tasks to a store so sales users on the field can complete them.
    • Store Visit App (Mobile version): This version is for the sales users visiting stores and taking evidence of the different tasks. Sales users can create appointments and notes linked to the store (account) while using the app
    • Storage strategy: The images saved while using the mobile version are stored in the Dataverse storage, once a store visit is closed, images are moved to OneDrive folder to save Dataverse space

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