myCRM for Insurance

от myPartner - Consultoria Informática, S.A.

myCRM for Insurance will allow users to have insights about the process.

This product is an extension for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business application that allow users to manage their business easier, with a component of customer relationship management. myCRM for Insurance will be an add-on that will add customer value to the insurance business.

myCRM for Insurance will allow users to combine the customer relationship management such as the sales process, leads, opportunities and quotes, with the business insurance management, namely:

Moreover, myCRM for Insurance will allow users to have insights about the process and understand what is happening across the business:

  1. System Dashboards that give and overview of the business and monitorization of your customer portfolio and future interactions, at an organization and user level.
  2. Power BI Dashboards for the Commercial team and for Customers, Brokers, and Insurers. With these dynamic visualizations, the user will be able to understand how the business is evolving and how the different data is correlated.
  3. Tile views displayed in each record, that show a global visualization of all associated records. For example, in your Policy record you can check the associated Quittances, Risk Objects, Claims and Tickets, so you don’t lose context of what has been done.
  4. Alert notifications in app, fully customizable by each user, according to their business needs. The user can define a specific criterion to what records the alert should be applied, what message should appear and who should be receiving them.

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