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My Care PSP: The complete patient pathway administrator!

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My Care PSP: The complete patient pathway administrator

MY Care PSP answers growing industry demand for streamlined digital healthcare. The platform aims to optimize the administration of patient support programs (PSPs), thereby providing value to multiple stakeholders.

What is MY Care PSP?

MY Care PSP is purpose-built to manage PSPs. It allows administrators to customize each step in the patient pathway and follow through on patient adherence.
Ailments, medicine and medication plans are defined in a master repository, granting business interoperability and continuity. External applications confer added value to patients, while patient data can be gathered and interpreted by customers

Why customers use MY Care PSP

  • Easier, more efficient management of PSPs
  • Patient data collection in extraordinary detail
  • Improved long-term adherence to medication plans
  • Improved patient monitoring and retention

Robust PSP Administration

  • Incredibly customizable datasets and procedures
  • Case-by-case patient tracking and administration
  • Friendly, but functional UI

Data Gathering & Utilization

  • Data collection & interpretation with PowerBI and Dataverse
  • Healthcare Data Model harmonization based on FHIR
  • Uncompromising data privacy and security

Rich Functionality

  • Azure, IoT, and cross-cloud integration
  • Traceable activities and external applications support
  • Modularity allows for endless functionality expansion

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