Resolution Intelligence


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Resolve Issues Faster in Complex Service Environments

Enterprise service organizations with complex products may have hundreds of thousands of potential malfunctions and resolution paths. The scale is beyond human capacity and information about how to resolve issues is siloed, making it next to impossible to find the best resolution quickly. helps diagnose & resolve issues faster by analyzing your service data from any source—structured and unstructured—to create a smart resolution repository. identifies the best resolution path in seconds and provides step-by-step guidance to resolve complex issues within your Dynamics 365 application, enhanced by generative AI. delivers 90%+ resolution accuracy and learns from every interaction to continually update your smart resolution repository, creating a single source of truth to resolve issues faster across service tiers.


VPs/Directors of Customer Service

VPs/Directors of Field Service

VPs/Directors of Technical Support

Key Industries

-High Tech

-Industrial Equipment

-Medical Devices

-Life Sciences





End Users


-Call Center Agents

-Technical Support

-Field Service Technicians


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