Teams Voice Management - SMC

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A user friendly, fully automated solution to manage your Teams PSTN Voice functionality

There are two elements that make up this solution:

Automated Request Process:

The automated process with integrated approvals, enables users to request PSTN voice functionality with zero touch from an IT Team.

The Application:

The PowerApp is designed for IT Admins to help save them time when dealing with user requests. The app offers the same functionality as the automated workflow. But with the added benefit of Power BI Dashboards. These Dashboards cover information on Number Range Usage, Phone System Usage and Requests made.

What Does Our Solution Provide?

  • Automated Process
  • Quick and Easy Request Process
  • Automated Number Management
  • Automated License Provisioning
  • Easy to use App Interface
  • Automated PowerShell
  • Real Time Analytics:
  • Number Range Usage Report
  • Requests Report
  • Calling Usage Report

Number Management Challenges:

With the move to direct routing comes more responsibility for IT Teams, this solution addresses:

  • Keeping spreadsheets up to date and ensuring they always contain the correct number information.
  • Running the PowerShell Scripts for number configuration is a time-consuming task for IT Admins considering the scale of the task is quite small.
  • Lack of visibility on phone system license usage.
  • With Microsoft Teams being a new technology it could be challenging to deal with number management for those who haven’t had much experience configuring Teams in the backend compared to other technologies that they are used to like skype for business or Lync.
  • The internal request process in place within the organisation could be very complicated and longer than it needs to be.

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