CRM Banking Catalyst

от Systems Limited

Centralized banking CRM management solution with personalized and unified Omni channel experience.

BANKCA Overview

BANKCA automates and streamline banking processes like lead tracking, account onboarding, and loan origination. Customer segmentation, personalize product offerings, increase wallet share, and reduce attrition. Ensure localized regulatory compliance to proactively manage risk. Streamline operations using workflows and automation. Real-time 360° insights track performance and increase agility. Manages customer complaint incident-based services through SLAs.  

BANKCA Product Features

  • Simplified lead generation and transparent distribution assignment
  • Easy customer onboarding and personalized product offering
  • Customer Profile verification from external sources like AML, CB and AECB.
  • Credit Card departmental management robust approval workflow
  • Manage contracts, product portfolio, documents, printing & delivery, risk rating & scoring, and credit & limit
  • Collaboration, approval, and know your customer (KYC) workflows and task automation
  • Real Estate and Building management
  • Customer deposits management, Budget management, payment beneficiaries, project Contract
  • Manage performance, customize workflows, schedule tasks, and receive automatic alerts
  • Model relationships, track SLAs, and receive a holistic, 360° view of clients for real-time, data-drive decision-making
  • Market Desired Outcome
  • Banks are adopting digital CRM solutions to enhance business management and planning
  • Stronger client relationships
  • BANKCA, built on the scalable Dynamics 365 platform, manages business operations, onboarding, lead assignment, and task workflows

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