Online meeting management software to schedule, run & follow-up users regardless of their tech stack

MeetingZen is the world’s leading online meeting management software that enhances your existing meetings by engaging participants through the use of conversational AI and pre-written meeting templates based on best practice research developed from running over 400,000 meetings.

The Microsoft-365 extension brings all the benefits of scheduling and preparing for meaningful meetings right into your calendar. Select a template from our library, adjust the time allocation to each topic or discussion point, add a link to any document or report you want to share and/or discuss and you're ready to go. When the time comes, simple click the link in the calendar event and start collaborating in a more meaningful way. When used in conjunction with the MeetingZen bot for Microsoft Teams get higher level of engagement and attendee preparation driving better, faster and more beneficial meetings.

MeetingZen adds structure and guides users through best practice meeting templates, while providing an environment where attendees can contribute by being able to comment, discuss agenda items, capture notes, record decisions, park items for future meetings, allocate tasks and track progress. The interface facilitates viewing of dashboards, reports, documents, websites and any other content relevant to the attendees/meeting.

MeetingZen cultivates this level of engagement by delivering attendees questions to predetermined agenda items prior to the meeting on their preferred messaging platform whether it be Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, etc., giving them the opportunity to engage at their convenience prior to the meeting occurring.

Before the meeting begins, MeetingZen sends the attendee(s) a link to the Video conferencing link (Teams, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Hangouts, etc.). Throughout the Meeting, MeetingZen leverages an attendee’s preferred task management or productivity suite by integrating them into the meeting interface so that next steps can be captured and followed-up in the subsequent meeting.

Once the meeting has concluded, MeetingZen will do the gentle nudging for you making sure the attendee stays on track and follows through with their agreed deliverables established during the course of the meeting.

Възможности на добавката
Когато добавката се използва, тя
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет
  • Тази добавка може да чете или променя съдържанието на всеки елемент във вашата пощенска кутия и да създава нови елементи. Тя може да осъществи достъп до лични данни – например основния текст, темата, подателя, получателите и прикачените файлове – във всяко съобщение или елемент от календара. Тя може да изпрати тези данни на услуга на друг разработчик.
  • С един поглед