Lexplore AB

Access to your students reading ability and Lexplore Intensive directly in Microsoft Teams.

As a teacher, with Lexplore inside a tab in your team, you will have quick access to your students reading ability from the screening results in Lexplore. You also have access to Lexplore Intensive and will be able to easily share the Intensive material to your students at the right level.

The functionality of this app is currently only available for teachers at schools with an active subscription of Lexplore. In an upcoming version we will also provide functionality for students.

Lexplore is an innovative rapid reading assessment, powered by eye tracking and artificial intelligence. In just 3 minutes, you get a clear view of a student’s reading level and recommendations for instruction. Thanks to eye tracking, this unique high tech process even provides fluency data for silent reading.

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This app is also available in Swedish.

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