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'Do More with Excel' and simplify your Corporate Performance Management

According to the 'The Pulse of Performance Management 2021' survey, 81% of the respondents say they still use excel along with their Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution.

'Why so'?

Finance users just love excel. It is easy to use and they are already familiar with the tool.

Hence the solution is not to eliminate excel but to encash its user-friendliness and upscale its capabilities.

JustPerform Excel Add-in is developed to complement the JustPerform Cloud Platform to simplify and streamline the entire corporate performance management journey.

It dynamically connects end-users to the JustPerform Cloud Platform to execute Data collection, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting and Data Analysis.

At a glance, the JustPerform Excel Add-in contains:

Business Rule Engine: to automate data processing with no need for coding

Rich Modelling: to seamlessly model your data and convert them into JustPerform models

Enterprise-Grade Authorizations: to effortlessly control who can view, contribute, and manage the models

Auditability & Traceability: to easily track any changes made at a very granular process level with an inbuilt incident management system.

This Add-In requires a subscription to the JustPerform Cloud Platform. To activate your subscription, please contact us at

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