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PlayQuiz: discover the best Microsoft 365 practices thanks to gamification

PlayQuiz is a Teams App where a user can answer 3 questions about Microsoft 365 ecosystem daily to "win" digital knowledge points. Each correct answer adds “digital knowledge points” and reach a better position on the PlayQuiz Leaderboard as a Microsoft 365 champions.

How does PlayQuiz help me?

CWith playQuiz's daily challenges, companies extend Microsoft 365's knowledge among their employees using gamification. Thanks to the wide variety of questions included (segmented by difficulty and application) PlayQuiz is an ideal tool to promote knowledge among teams.

Besides, it allows you to customize and add specific questions, so PlayQuiz adapts to each company case with specific needs.

PlayQuiz Components:

  • Main application. From this screen each user will be able to:

    • Start the daily challenge to answer questions of the day about Microsoft 365
    • Challenge other teammates to participate in PlayQuiz
    • Know your points, ranking position and weekly streak
    • View the global and weekly Leaderboard of PlayQuiz 's top 10 champions

  • Admin panel. From this panel, the administrator will be able to manage:

    • PlayQuiz users
    • Question management (turn new questions on, off, manage categories, or add new questions)
    • The basic PlayQuiz configuration

PlayQuiz features:

  • +200 Questions (customizable) 
  • Questions about 11 Microsoft apps
  • Questions asked by 10 expert ENCAMINA consultants.

Benefits of using PlayQuiz in your company:

  • Identifiy hidden talent (Microsoft 365 experts we didn't have located)
  • Employees learn while playing and competing/li>

  • Increases team usage in an easy way
  • Accelerates learning speed

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