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Document tasks in a concise, visual, lean format proven to improve performance & reduce errors.

PPM®s are concise, visual procedures/job aids that are scientifically proven to improve performance and reduce errors. PPM®s meet regulatory and ISO guidelines and have over 20,000 users across all size companies.

Up to 40% of all errors are 'memory gap' errors – where a trained person forgets a step, or the correct sequence, or a setting, and makes an error. PPM®s visual documents improve performance and minimize 'memory gap' errors by presenting critical information in a way that:

> Reduces document length to an accessible size (customers report converting 10-12 pages to 1 double-sided page)

> Improves cognitive and physical accessibility

> Improves task visualization

> Improves learning and retention. 

You'll be delighted at how popular and well-used PPMs will be with your workers – and that use leads to the performance improvements you're after.

About the publisher

Desertfire Online (owner of the Talsico brand and products) is the world leader in Human Error Reduction. Over 30 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies improve performance & winner of the 2019 LearnX Award for Excellence in Learning Transfer. Our products are proven to deliver significant improvements in productivity, safety and quality.


- This add-in is free to download.

- We offer a 15-day free trial secured by credit card. Continued use of the add-in after the free trial period requires a paid subscription.

- The add-in should be used in your Desktop version of Word, due to the format of the PPM templates used.

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