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Collaborate visually on ideas, plans, diagrams and projects

The AI-Powered Visual Workspace to Plan, Execute, and Capture Knowledge

With Creately, you can experience visual collaboration like never before. Now plan, analyze, and execute all your work without leaving Microsoft Teams.

With Creately, you can:

  • Plan and brainstorm visually
  • Create custom workflows to run projects
  • Maintain visual knowledge hubs
  • Create a single space for all your work.

Creately also comes with AI-powered visual intelligence to organize thoughts,

brainstorm solutions, design processes, and collaborate with teammates in

real-time. Creately's AI capabilities are designed around 4 core pillars:

Organize: Using natural language prompts, you can organize stickies,

group them by sentiment, summarize key points - create action items, and so

much more.

Generate: Simply give it context and ask Creately for a mind map, a

business model canvas, visualize process flows and much more with just a

simple command.

Expand: Create structure for thoughts- have conversations, generate

counterpoints, and much more. It is a great way to keep the momentum going

until you find solutions that fit just right.

Transform: Transform one set of content seamlessly into another.

Transform 'how might we' sessions into product briefs, visually generate the

user stories for it- and assign them to individual teammates- all in just a

few steps.

Integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft Teams environment:

Convert chats to visuals: Seamlessly generate visual workspaces

directly from chats and channel conversations. Enter "@creately generate me a

brainstorming board for X from this thread." Creately understands the request

and produces the visual framework/model inside Teams. You can even update

pinned workspaces with just a single command.

Creately comes with

  • Real-time collaboration for everyone's mouse cursor as they draw
  • Edit notes collaboratively on the canvas or as shape notes
  • Comments and tasks for managing action items
  • 1000+ professional templates
  • Supports 70+ diagram types natively

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