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Search, find and create on-brand documents and presentations from templates by using Templafy

Templafy is the smart way to manage, dynamically update, and share business document templates and brand assets throughout your organization. It's a solution that communications and compliance teams can control, IT can trust, and supports employees during every step of document creation.

To be able to use this app a Templafy account is required.

To allow this integration to function properly, please navigate to the following page as an Microsoft 365 administrator and grant consent on behalf of the organisation. The requested permissions are listed on the following page.

Grant Consent

The app provides a one-stop-portal to all approved company content which is typically filtered so each user only sees what they have permissions to see. It means less searching, and an easier way to find company templates and digital assets. For example, users no longer need to exit document creation applications to search for an image in the company's DAM system. Library provides a direct portal to content in Templafy and content stored in other company systems that are integrated with Templafy. Now made even more accessible with the Templafy messaging extension for Teams. Within Microsoft Teams, users can manually activate a Templafy popup in their chat or channel, allowing them to search for and select document templates and digital assets directly, which can then be shared instantly in the chat.

Existing company content storage systems (DAM, DMS, CRM) can be connected through integrations with Templafy. Through the Templafy integration the Build module can be used, whereby the person creating the document is inserting content onto the page. The Build modules automate a great deal of this process, making it easier and faster. The content inserted is taken from company governed sources only – whether it's content stored in the company's Templafy or in another system that has been integrated with Templafy. Build automates business document creation with relevant filtered content based on the document context. By simply typing commands such as ‘Find the proposal presentation template in Templafy' or ‘I want to create a contract document with Templafy', users can prompt Copilot for Microsoft 365 to search Templafy's library directly in the chat. Copilot then displays the search results in a user-friendly card format, allowing for the selection and generation of documents or presentations through Templafy's Composer without leaving the chat interface.

This integration ensures a seamless workflow by allowing users to generate and save documents or presentations directly within the Microsoft Teams environment, leveraging Templafy's Composer, thus enhancing productivity and streamlining document creation processes.

We are deeply committed to security and compliance. Even as you leverage the convenience of natural language commands, our system ensures every document adheres to your brand guidelines and compliance standards. This commitment extends to our latest features with Microsoft Teams and Copilot, where we provide a streamlined yet secure document creation process.

Administrators can easily configure the Templafy extension for Microsoft Teams, ensuring users are trained to use the keyword 'Templafy' when interacting with Copilot, simplifying the adoption of this powerful integration.

In order to use this app, you must have an active Templafy account and the Teams App Connector must be installed. Please go here for more details.

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