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Master your meetings with an agenda templating tool, track actions & produce professional minutes.

Quickest way to collaborate on Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Streamline your workflows with our easy-to-use app, designed to help you create and collaborate on meeting agendas and notes, assign actions, and share with your team - all within your Microsoft Teams environment. Boost productivity and never miss a beat during your meetings. Try QuickMinutes today

How it works

  • Create and attach agendas to pre-existing events in your outlook calendar.
  • Record and structure the outputs and actions from each agenda topic.
  • Set timelines for actions to ensure your actions get completed.
  • Share meeting outcomes with meeting stakeholders.
  • Review meeting outcomes at the beginning of your next meeting.


Agenda Templates; One click agendas with your favorite agenda templates will make it super simple to conduct a structured and objective meeting for you and your team.

Meeting Minutes; Professional meeting minutes can be produced with minimal efforts and are automatically the first agenda item of your next meeting ensuring meeting continuity.

Action Tracking; Meeting participants are skillfully prompted to complete their actions before the next meeting to ensure your meeting doesn’t turn into a talking shop.

Cross Platform; Manage your meetings with ease across all platforms and devices.

Benefits of QuickMinutes with Microsoft Teams

  • Stay in context.
  • Get notified of upcoming agenda items to facilitate a productive meeting.
  • Assign actions to teammates and keep a track of their progress.

Възможности на приложението

Когато това приложение се използва, то
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет
  • Това приложение може да осъществява достъп до лични данни в активното съобщение, като например телефонни номера, пощенски адреси или URL адреси. Приложението може да изпрати тези данни на услуга на друг разработчик. Не могат да бъдат четени или променяни други елементи в пощенската ви кутия.

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