Priority Matrix Government for Outlook

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Turn emails into tasks. See shared documents. Review your agenda. US-based systems and support.

Priority Matrix Government is a full-featured project management software that integrates deeply into Outlook. It lets you manage all your work without switching apps. Turn emails into action items with just one click. Attach email messages to preexisting items. Look for items that are similar to the message you're reading. Check your agenda for upcoming deliverables. A complete task and project management solution, right in your inbox.


When a message arrives with some actionable bits, use Priority Matrix for Outlook to quickly create a new item in the right project. No time to classify it now? Just send it to your PM inbox, and deal with it later, when you have a minute.


No need to open a separate app to see what's next for you. Just open the agenda tab and see what's due today, or what's behind schedule. If you need to make a comment, adjust a date, or invite someone else to a task, you can do it without leaving Outlook.


Sometimes you get multiple messages about the same thing. Use the "similar items" tab, or the search box, to automatically surface previously captured action items. That way you won't end up chasing down with multiple versions of the same task.


Because Priority Matrix integrates tightly with Outlook 365, it's possible to work with the task management system without ever leaving your favorite email app. Attachments, chat system, due dates and much more, all available completely inside Outlook. This makes Priority Matrix the perfect extension to the world's leading email system.


When you're preparing for a meeting, insert a meeting agenda template in one click, including a list of automatically suggested discussion items. Edit as needed, and get ready for a meeting that stays on point, and where everyone knows what's expected from them before, during and after the call.


Priority Matrix Government is hosted on Azure in US soil, in Government-grade data servers, maintained by US-based support and engineering staff. This is the only Government-oriented Eisenhower matrix app. Based on the time-tested methodology, it will help your team stay focused on high-impact work.


In order to use Priority Matrix Government, a subscription is required. It is possible to obtain a free, 2-week trial of the system without providing any payment information. Create a free account to see it for yourself. And bring your team!

Priority Matrix is deeply integrated with Office 365, including Outlook, Teams and Power Automate, among other integrations. Learn more at

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