Barracuda Email Protection Add-in

от Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Report suspicious messages, campaigns and easily send encrypted emails.

Stay protected from phishing and spam with Barracuda Email Protection Outlook Add-in and seamless management of reported suspicious messages. Users can submit suspicious emails to Barracuda for analysis using integrated feedback form and use the same reporting button to report mock phishing attacks that are part of their security awareness training. This add-in also allows users to easily send encrypted emails with a touch of a button without relying on policy-based encryption.

Barracuda Email Protection Add-in Capabilities:

  • Report suspicious email messages
  • Report mock- phish emails (campaigns)
  • Provide feedback to Barracuda on reported messages
  • Select email messages for encryption
  • Set preferences and destination for spam and deleted messages

Security & Privacy : Barracuda Email Protection protects your files, emails and information with security you can trust

To leverage the Barracuda Email Protection Add-in, the user's organization must have at least one of the following Barracuda subscriptions:

  • Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
  • Barracuda Email Protection
  • Barracuda Incident Response
  • Barracuda Security Awareness Training

Barracuda Email Protection Add-in is compatible with Outlook on the following platforms:

  • Mac Classic and New UI
  • Web Browser
  • Windows M365

Outlook clients must support at minimum API requirement set 1.5

Възможности на добавката

Когато добавката се използва, тя
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет
  • Тази добавка може да осъществява достъп до и да променя лични данни в активното съобщение, като например основния текст, темата, подателя, получателите и информацията в прикачените файлове. Тя може да изпрати тези данни на услуга на друг разработчик. Не могат да бъдат четени или променяни други елементи в пощенската ви кутия.

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