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SMS/MMS for Microsoft Teams: Fully integrated, easy-to-use, packed with features.

Send and receive text messages (SMS/MMS) in Microsoft Teams

YakChat: The ultimate, most feature- rich SMS/MMS application for Microsoft Teams. Text from anywhere inside Microsoft Teams on desktop or mobile, thanks to its integrated SMS service. Stay connected with your Outlook, Active Directory, and SharePoint contacts, along with saved and imported contacts. YakChat offers an extensive array of features, including individual and shared inboxes, seamless access via Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO), sharing contacts, and the ability to receive MFA (2FA/OTP) codes.

To use YakChat, you need an active account. Register via the app or reach out for assistance at or

Available only in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


  • Personal & Shared Inboxes: Enjoy your own (Personal) inbox and number, and/or be a member of multiple shared inboxes.
  • Messaging Options: Text using the Messaging App.
  • MMS Support: Enrich your messages with pictures, using MMS (US & Canada).
  • MFA Support: Receive authentication (2FA/MFA/OTP) codes.
  • Contact Management: Easily import, manage, and share your contacts.
  • Microsoft Contacts: Access contacts stored in Outlook, AD, and SharePoint.
  • Streamlined Sign-in: With Microsoft authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

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