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Never miss a critical request or communication again.


Belt is a unique AI-driven Central Calendar application that monitors user communications, identifying request, task and deadline language. Belt consolidates tasks, events, commitments and ad-hoc interactions into a single interface, and understands the flexible nature of business deadlines.

Filling the functional gap between the milestone- and phase-based approach of project management and the to-do list-based structure of traditional task management, it leverages everyday work conversations to create, assign, schedule and organize work based on natural language usage.

This add-in allows you to access many of Belt’s key features without leaving Outlook. You can see suggestions and create tasks directly from the currently open email, and see your planned work at a glance.

Add-in features

View suggestions for the current email

-See at a glance whether Belt’s AI engine has found a task in the currently open email, and adjust suggestion settings for the sender.

Create task from email

-Create a task straight from the current email, whether or not Belt’s AI identified a task.

Access core Belt features directly from Outlook

-If you prefer to work in your inbox, you can use many of the features of the Belt Office Add-in – including suggestions, scheduling, calendar view and workload indicators – without leaving Outlook.


• The Belt add-in for Microsoft Outlook requires a Microsoft 365 account.

• The Belt add-in for Microsoft Outlook requires an account with Belt, which is a subscription service

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Visit for comprehensive guidance on how to use Belt, and to chat to our virtual assistant.

for comprehensive guidance on how to use Belt, and to chat to our virtual assistant.


This Office Add-in will have permission to:

• Receive the contents, and information such as date, subject, and sender, of any email I send to it.

• Access my profile information such as my name, email address, company name and preferred language.

• Access my contacts.

• Analyze my currently open email when the Office Add-in is active.

• Process the data I send to it in an anonymized form.

Възможности на приложението

Когато това приложение се използва, то
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет
  • Това приложение може да чете или променя съдържанието на всеки елемент във вашата пощенска кутия и да създава нови елементи. Тя може да осъществи достъп до лични данни – например основния текст, темата, подателя, получателите и прикачените файлове – във всяко съобщение или елемент от календара. То може да изпрати тези данни на услуга на друг разработчик.

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