HRMS 365 – Human Resource Management System


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HRMS 365: Empower your HR management with SharePoint based Human Resource Management System

HRMS 365 is a comprehensive SharePoint Human Resource Management System designed to streamline and optimize your HR processes. With four essential HR software features, Employee Directory, Org Chart, Desk Booking, Task Management, and Timesheet Management, this solution is your one-stop-shop for efficient HR management.

Versatile and supports the various types of SPFx components, such as Webpart and Full Page.

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HR / Employee Directory – Connect and collaborate with your people

Easily manage your workforce with an employee directory. It provides a centralized and up-to-date staff directory, ensuring you always have access to critical personnel information. With advanced search and filter options, you can quickly find the right employee and access their details, contact information, and more. Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and paper directories.

Org Chart - Visualize your organization structure

Visualize the hierarchy and structure of your organization with the org chart feature of HRMS 365. Gain insights into your workforce's reporting relationships and departmental structures. Improve transparency and communication within your company.

Desk Booking – Simplify workspace management

Simplify workspace management by enabling efficient booking and utilization of office desks. With intuitive features, employees can easily reserve desks, view availability, view office floor plan/layout, and streamline their workspace preferences. The software enhances workplace flexibility, collaboration, and productivity by optimizing desk allocation and providing a seamless booking experience for employees.

Task Management - Streamline workflows

Efficiently manage tasks, projects, and assignments with task management of HRMS 365. Assign tasks to employees, set deadlines, and track progress. Enhance collaboration and productivity with real-time updates and notifications. Say farewell to missed deadlines and confusion over task ownership.

Timesheet Management - Precise time tracking

Streamlines tracking and recording employee task durations and project progress, fostering effective time management and project planning with our HRMS 365’s timesheet management. With comprehensive functionalities, it enables efficient project management, daily/weekly time recording, detailed reporting, and seamless integration with Power BI for insightful data visualization. Our easy-to-use interface simplifies timesheet submissions and approvals.

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With Beyond Intranet’s HRMS 365, you get a unified HR solution that empowers your organization to optimize workforce management, improve communication, and ensure compliance. Transform your HR operations with Beyond Intranet’s HRMS 365 tool and experience the future of HR management.

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