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A handy, intuitive, responsive and easily maintainable categorized FAQ

The FAQ Add-in provides users better way to search for the answers to the questions they have in mind. It also helps the organizations to prepare the frequently asked questions, and answers categorized and present to the users in a readable and most understandable format.

With a clean, user-friendly interface, users or employees can find the relevant information at the right time. The grouping of questions and answers will help the users to find the answers more effectively.

Bodacious features,

  • Autocomplete search for Questions
  • The answers to the questions can be Enhanced Rich HTML Content.
  • Categorised search for Questions and Answers.
  • Most popular and Latest questions on the Dashboard.
  • Copy link to the Q&A to share with other colleagues or friends. The copied link will directly navigate to the Q&A.
  • Responsive design for multiple device access.
  • Ability to Activate or InActivate categories or Q&A at any time to make it hidden from the regular users.
  • Able to find the information within 1-2 clicks.
  • Most simple, responsive UI with easy administration.
  • Supported on Multiple browsers like IE, Edge, FireFox, Chrome.

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