Indirect Reseller - Partner Analytics

Microsoft Corporation

As a CSP Indirect Reseller, use this template app to access a rich set of reports

This application has a number of insightful reports for CSP Indirect Resellers. The reports provide rich insights into how the partner's customers are performing with respect to the subscriptions and licenses they sold to their customers, and helps partners make data driven decisions. Connect to your Partner Center account to get insights about your CSP channel performance. Get a view of how your customers are performing with respect to the cloud products sold to them. Get access to the following metrics that will enable you to make data driven decisions: • Subscriptions sold • Licenses sold and licenses deployed • Active subscriptions and licenses • Subscriptions and License breakdown by products • Suspended subscriptions and licenses • Monthly Subscription retention and churn • Active subscriptions usage • License usage breakdown by products • Azure usage breakdown by category • Azure RI utilization trend • Azure RI subscription breakdown • Referrals and Search analytics CSP Indirect Resellers can use this data for the following scenarios - • Identifying top customers • Identifying top selling products • Identifying top used products and licenses
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