tyGraph SharePoint Analytics for Microsoft 365

от UnlimitedViz -Makers of tyGraph

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tyGraph for SharePoint provides comprehensive inventory and usage analytics

Get tyGraph for SharePoint to better understand usage and adoption patterns of SharePoint in your Enterprise.

Organizations need help with understanding where adoption has happened and how they can best support their user community. tyGraph for SharePoint provides rich and meaningful reporting and analytics, allowing leadership to take immediate evidence-based action to maximize their ROI from their investments. tyGraph gives visibility into sites and document activity, user interactions, and external users. All SharePoint data can be augmented with signals from HRIS such as role, region and organizational structure for deeper insights into organizational usage patterns. Customers who subscribe to tyGraph Enterprise will gain the added benefit of signals from other Office 365 workloads like Teams, Yammer, Exchange, OneDrive and more. Experience tyGraph today by downloading this Power BI Template App or visiting

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