Kurvv Predictive Maintenance

от 9 Dozen ML, Inc

Kurvv's Predictive Maintenance solutions are a powerful way to solve unexpected machine failures.

Our ethos is to make machine learning accessible to everyone, even business professionals and not just the data scientist or engineers. 

Our target users are Business Decision Makers with little to no technical experience, who want to leverage the power of Machine learning to gain insight into their operations via predictive maintenance. (See our attached White Paper!)

Manufacturing, Logistics, Plant and capital equipment are our core industries. We are providing an easy to implement and use predictive maintenance solution that will allow your team to pivot from Preventative to Predictive (Just in Time) maintenance schedules. This allows you to capture more of the useful life of your machinery, limit unplanned downtime, and better allocate your people and resources.
Our pre-built, and custom solutions allow us to train and provide you access to machine learning models that can make predictions, without having to build everything from scratch. 

We have solutions in Predictive Maintenance, eCommerce, Healthcare, and others.

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