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AI-powered data labeling/annotation solution for AI model training

AIMMO Enterprise

AIMMO Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for AI application development, supporting the entire lifecycle of AI training data construction for enterprise customers. With non-installation cloud-based web browser service, the platform integrates a data-centric pipeline with model management workflows and utilize granular data processing modules to provide end-to-end infrastructure for dataset aggregation, refinement, processing, as well as model training and deployment according to user requirements.

AIMMO Enterprise leverages data lakes to accommodate diverse data sources, and through event-triggering, it offers a visualized selection process for accurately curated data, supporting data balancing. With AIMMO's efficient processing tools and version control system, the platform tracks and addresses insufficiencies in datasets and generates rich training data to address various scenarios through its synthetic data capabilities.

* ISO 9001, 27001, 26262 certified.

* TISAX Lv3 certified.

What AIMMO Enterprise offers:

Easy operation

  • Web-based platform

  • User-friendly GUI

AI-powered auto-labeling (Smart Labeling Technology)

  • Fast, economic, high quality data generation with AIMMO's labeling models

Seamless integration with customer cloud environment
  • MS Azure, AWS, Google
Real-time analytics
  • Labeling project status dashboard
  • Automated metadata generation for labeling project
AI assist annotation tool
  • Interactive AI to reduce work cost
  • Optimized BPR to object boundary

Real-time communications

  • Exchange Q&A comments with labelers in real-time

Labeling workforce service (on demand)

  • AIMMO's experts standing by to support customer needs

Who should use AIMMO Enterprise?

  • Need to prepare Machine Learning Model training data
  • Need training data for computer vision model
  • Looking for ways to acquire high quality training data faster with economic cost
  • Having challenges in data collection, labeling, and quality check for improving AI model performance
  • Inefficiently delayed due to complex and imperfect guidelines, want to operate the project on my own
  • On a tight deadline but training data quality needs to be productive
  • Would like to prepare training data on my own for my research
  • Need to improve Autonomous Driving Model performance

*Available in English / Korean / Vietnamese.

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