Manufacturo eKnows

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Manufacturo eKnows allows the Operators to solve problems on the production line on their own.

Manufacturo eKnows is an innovative application that streamlines maintenance tasks. It allows the operators to solve the production line challenges without the support of the maintenance team or the more experienced colleagues. The AI-based system is capable of analyzing historical maintenance data and machine and service manuals to provide operators with relevant information when needed. It draws on the extensive knowledge acquired during the machine learning process to guide operators step by step through equipment troubleshooting. This innovative solution can minimize the time and resources required for machine maintenance and problem identification, and help reduce downtimes.

An ever-growing knowledge base for your Operators
  • Enables shopfloor Operators to become more self-sufficient
  • Streamlines communication between the production and maintenance teams
  • Reduces machine downtimes

Main Benefits
  • Reduced machine downtimes
  • Quicker troubleshooting
  • Essential maintenance engineering knowledge is digitized and retained
  • Increased availability of highly skilled maintenance personnel

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