Appogee Time Tracker

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Appogee Time Tracker - Online Time Tracking, Office Capacity Management & Project Time Recording

Appogee Time Tracker is an easy to use online time tracking software for managing:

  • Staff working locations

  • Employee clock-in & clock-out

  • Online timesheets

  • Recording time against projects or activities

  • Pre-project planning and budgeting

  • Billable vs. non billable utilisation

  • Office capacity management

  • Staff location recording & planning

  • Data exporting to create meaningful insights

Our easy-to-use online software solution allows employees to manually clock in, start breaks, and clock out for the day with this data being recorded in online timesheets so you can see the hours worked by each staff member. You can also create a customisable list of activities, projects, and clients so your staff can select what they’re working on and when. You can then export the data to see how long staff have spent on each task and create reports to allow you to accurately analyse budgets and billing to calculate costs.

The staff location recording feature means you can plan and report on where your employees are working from for easy office capacity management, tracking who is working from home and being able to see who has been in the office and when. This key feature allows you to manage your hybrid working strategy from one simple secure cloud-based solution.

Appogee Time Tracker integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, including single sign-on. Set up is quick and easy with no need to download or install any applications. Try Appogee Time for free for 14 days. There’s no obligation to purchase and no credit card required.

Available in English, French, and Spanish.

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