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Atos || Managed Cloud for Azure

Elevate Your Cloud Journey with Atos Managed Cloud for Azure!

With Atos Managed Cloud for Azure, we help our customers to quickly move to the cloud without compromising on security or compliance by putting in the governance that is required to reduce the challenges while optimizing the benefits of cloud.

With Atos Managed Cloud for Azure, you can:

          • Enhance Your Azure Experience: Amplify the capabilities of Azure, stripping away complexity without compromising the robust functionality you've come to expect from this leading cloud platform.
          • Professionalize Your Public Cloud Use: Gain access to professional, round-the-clock support with Atos's 24/7 service channels. Our extensive expertise is now at your fingertips, ensuring your public cloud journey is both professional and proficient.

Our mission is to streamline your cloud adoption journey, delivering a swift and solid strategy for embracing the cloud. Atos Managed Cloud for Azure is crafted to tackle existing customer challenges such as skillset limitations, legacy processes, vendor lock-in, extended timelines, and the inability to scale rapidly.

Embark on a Cloud Journey with Atos and Microsoft Azure!

Discover the ultimate mix of Microsoft Azure's services and Atos's expertise. Your journey with us is defined by a trio of core development principles designed to elevate your cloud experience:

1. Service Consistency: Code with confidence! Our 'write once, deploy many' approach ensures your applications thrive across various environments, multiplying your reach effortlessly.

2. User Experience Consistency: Cater to every user's needs with a versatile platform that adapts to diverse personas and consumption models, providing a seamless experience for all.

3. Operational Consistency: Reliability is not a luxury—it's a guarantee. Our robust service delivery operates on a grand scale, boasting high performance and agility, all while harnessing the power of advanced ITSM tools for automatic ticketing, meticulous logging, and rapid response.

Atos Managed Cloud for Azure Foundations – accelerating Cloud transformation through solution accelerators:

          • Governance and Observability
          • Infrastructure as Code approach
          • Lifecycle Management
          • Sustainability
          • IT Service Management Service (ITSM)
          • Security and Compliance
          • Modular Designed to scale
          • Reliability

Step into a world of synchronized excellence with Atos and Microsoft Azure—the perfect partnership for your cloud journey.

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