AVEVA Unified Engineering


UE provides end-to-end integration of conceptual, FEED and detailed design

Unified Engineering provides end-to-end integration of conceptual, FEED and detailed design into an environment that handles all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) from one single data hub with bi-directional information flow. Multi-discipline teams can collaborate in real-time, increasing engineering efficiency to minimize risk and maximize return on capital investment.

The customer challenges addressed are data ownership and Digital Twins; inefficient collaboration; poor transparency and fixed price contracts. 
The value that this solution provides includes streamline collaboration that enable engineers to complete deliverables faster, and with greater transparency and maturity to deliver projects on time and on budget. The solution also benefits teams by minimizing engineering errors and accelerating project execution to deliver: 50% faster FEED stage; 30% increase in engineering efficiency and 5% reduction in TIC. 

This solution is tailored to deliver value to following functions in your organization: electrical, instrumentation, project management, safety, structural, piping, cost estimation, process, mechanical and drafting. We count 19 of the top 20 petroleum companies; 22 of the 40 top chemical companies; all 15 of the largest EPCs as our customers.

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