Cognitive Formulation Advisor

от Beyond Limits

Using AI to optimize the lubricant formulation process leveraging historical blend data & expertise


The process of creating, optimizing, and testing new engine lubricants has been a long, high-risk, high cost, trial and error process that requires deep domain expertise. In addition, ever- changing regulatory, environmental, and equipment manufacturers’ guidelines further complicate the process. Lastly, each candidate formulation is typically validated through a long and expensive series of tests, further increasing the cost, risk of failure, and time- to-market for new products.


  • Lengthy & costly process - taking months to years
  • High risk of failure in required tests
  • Resource-intensive & repetitive methods
  • Limited access to experienced formulation experts
  • Experimental processes - leading to low predictive accuracy & less optimized products


Beyond Limits’ Cognitive Formulation Advisor leverages your historical data (historical blend composition and measured properties) to propose new hypothetical blends.  Through this process, Beyond Limits incorporates your formulation domain knowledge, alongside parameters and directional guidance (such as regional availability of base stock) into the AI-driven solution.

The result is a well-integrated software product that recommends hundreds of viable blends meeting constrained viscometric targets with high confidence in predicted properties in a fraction of time compared to the alternative approaches. The solution also explicitly characterizes the confidence level in its prediction and recommends a series of optimized blends by considering cost and performance. A few select lead candidates can be created and tested with results verified in your laboratories. Customer results suggest that Beyond Limits' solution was more than 95% accurate on average.


  • Reduced production material costs
  • Higher predictive accuracy of candidate properties
  • Expedited access to hundreds of viable, new & improved formulations in minutes
  • Accelerated time-to-market for optimal lead candidates
  • Standardized process based on best practices - readily accessible across the organization

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