BeyondMinds AI Platform

от BeyondMinds LTD.

AI systems adapted to the specific customer needs, production grade.

BeyondMinds has built the first enterprise AI platform that is universally applicable and easily adaptable. We deliver hyper-customized, production-ready AI systems that enable sophisticated companies to overcome the massive failure rate in AI adoption and rapidly implement ROI-positive transformations. The company is in a fast growth stage, having 100+ employees, with the majority being AI technologists. Accelerating AI democratization around the world, we have offices in New York, London, Tel-Aviv and Bangalore, in addition to presence in other countries. We service Global 1000 companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, Insurance Companies, Banks, Large Manufacturing companies, and others. We partner with System Integrators and Consulting firms worldwide.

Typical use cases include fraud detection, insurance claims automation, text classification/processing, speech analysis, risk assessment and underwriting, AML, in the financial services industry;  defect detection and predictive maintenance in manufacturing, and numerous additional use cases where AI is traditionally applied to solve core business problems.

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