ELIoT Platform

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ELIoT Enterprise IoT Platform - Predictive Twin for your Business

The ELIoT Enterprise Platform is a hub.

It captures all IoT data regardless vendors and networks. You decide between processing velocity and price.
Enrich your data by AI pipeline at any point. Benefit from unified view, storage, analytics and clean providing - yes, even back to your on-prem systems.

  • Smooth plug-in into your Enterprise thanks to standards of Microsoft Azure, Open API and enterprise-grade services.
  • Many ways in, unified way out while using multi-vendor, multi-device, multi-network and multi-protocol solution. But outputs remain unified and consistent for all your systems.
  • Low implementation barrier up-front investments reduced to minimum thanks to Cloud and Pay-As-You-Go model.
  • Self service turn device on-boarding, health checks or administration tasks into a next-next-finish job.
  • AI ready, get continuously learned from all your data, regardless velocity or volume. Get tailor-made early warnings and decision support signals.
  • Notifications as you need, deliver critical notifications to the right people via any channel like SMS, e-mail, mobile app or web app.

ELIot Platform will help you to capture and investigate the data for devices, machines, equipment, streams, applications, ... and find out the understandings for better decisions.

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