Smart Procurement


Technological solution that improves productivity and business profitability

Smart Procurement by 7Experts

We present our dashboard to develop cost reduction projects and optimize the Supply Chain of your company. The most common procurement tools are focused on the process for obtaining information from suppliers and optimizing the tender process.

With Smart Procurement by 7Experts, your company will get the next step to add value to its Supply Chain Management. This tool will help you both analyse and consider all the variables that affect your business and with the algorithms; you will reach the best scenario to implement.

With the new scenario implemented, the Monitoring Dashboard provides the information you need to verify the evolution, compare with historical data and identify the ROI of your projects.

For the database, it is possible to work with a query from your ERP and import the data but it is also possible to connect it for a complete experience in real time.

Finally, It is not required but we highly recommend working with a specialized Consultancy to identify project prescriptions to configure the solution.

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