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Sync your cloud data with Power BI in real time

Easily connect your cloud apps to reporting tools like Power BI and Excel. No more manual CSV exports, no more incomplete reports. Just good data.

Get deeper insight
Run advanced reports and analytics beyond the reporting already available in your cloud apps.

Use any BI tool
SyncHub plays nicely with all BI tools, so you're free to use whatever one is best for your business. This of course includes Power BI and Excel.

Leave no data behind
SyncHub ensures your reports are complete by pulling every data point you could possibly need – all in real time.

Centralise multiple accounts
If you’re a franchisor or larger business running multiple accounts for the same app, you can use SyncHub to combine reporting from across them all.

Synthesise your data
Get greater insights from your reports by overlaying data from your other cloud software.

Real-time data dashboard
Completely control your data-sync using the dashboard in the SyncHub app.

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