Blindspot Optifit


Optimize and maximize your loadings, decrease costs, and reduce emissions.

OptiFit is an intelligent software solution built on top of the Optimus 4.0 platform. The system searches through millions of loading plans. OptiFit maximizes loaded volume while considering cargo weight, dimensions, stackability, and respecting safety constraints like longitudinal and vertical stability. Thanks to more efficient work with cargo, it directly leads to lower CO2 emissions associated with transport.

Truck and container loading and parcel filling are complex processes that should efficiently utilize every centimetre of the space. Planning these processes, rescheduling layouts, and adjusting schedules is not easy for human operators.
Business needs addressable by OptiFit:

  • Get the rid of shameful boxes - Utilize the space in boxes and packages as efficiently as possible. OptiFit optimizes the sizes of parcel types you use to minimize the parcel's void space and save filling material and the environment as a result. OptiFit calculates the optimal combination of stacking items.  
  • Optimize truck and container load - OptiFit calculates the optimal plans for any type of space, be it trucks or containers. The system optimizes how to load items from your warehouse into a truck or a shipping container and ensures that the load does not break during the transport.  
  • Easy reschedule and predict your needs - You can easily change your cargo handling plans at any time. Based on your historical data, we can adjust the application to predict what loads or parcels will need to be sent and when. 

Use cases:  

  • Parcel filling 
  • Truck and container loading  
  • Loading plans rescheduling and prediction of needs 

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