Blindspot Optimus 4.0


Optimize and scale up your business through advanced planning

Optimus 4.0 has the power and flexibility to deal with the most challenging problems of efficiency and optimization. This is in line with Industry 4.0 as complex operations cannot be managed with off-the-shelf solutions or Excel sheets. This platform is customizable to the client´s specific business needs. 

It is a state-of-the-art algorithm-based engine that helps optimize a wide range of processes in large operations. On top of the platform itself, we build specific products/applications — these help achieve more efficient processes within a particular area. 

Business needs addressable by Optimus 4.0:

  •  Logistics 
Our products can handle standard transport and loading/filling operations and make your logistics greener and reduce your transport costs. OptiRoute optimizes your truck and delivery routes, shipping, inter-warehouse transportation, and milk runs. OptiFit will save costs by maximizing truck and container loading and a better parcel fill rate to eliminate shameful boxes.

  • Workforce 
You can optimize your schedules in a minute. With OptiPlan, built on top of the Optimus platform, it is easy to maximize your service levels and meet your production targets by allocating the right people to right tasks and shifts with an automatically created plan reflecting all possible limitations and constraints.

  • Production 
Optimus 4.0 can handle even the most challenging and complex processes and calculate the best possible plan in a moment. For example, to minimize the waste of your materials, Optimus 4.0 calculates how to effectively cut larger pieces of wood, steel, etc., into small pieces of desired sizes, each needed in specific quantities.

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