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Maximize the efficiency of your logistics and make it greener

OptiRoute can handle standard transport processes, operations optimization, and more. Our real-time, optimized, and flexible planning and scheduling system for logistics processes and routes creates an optimized schedule within minutes while eliminating spreadsheets and manual work. Sudden changes to production targets are processed within minutes when the new optimized schedule is recalculated with the Optimus 4.0 platform.

Logistics is an industry that requires speed, accuracy, and continuous improvement. Therefore, planning vehicles, routes, and loadings is not easy, as logistics operators often have to deal with abrupt changes.
Business needs addressable by OptiRoute: 

  • Optimization of delivery routes and inter-warehouse 
Use optimal routes for vehicle loading and unloading, and efficient organization in the cargo space. OptiRoute also enables you to minimize the inter-warehouse transportation required to collect all ordered items of a particular order dispatch. Distribution algorithms suggest where to store shipments to decrease the future need for inter-warehouse transport. Therefore, OptiRoute significantly reduces CO2 emissions and makes your logistics more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy rescheduling and logistics prediction  
Change your cargo handling plans easily and at any time. OptiRoute can consider the load currently in the warehouse, the weekly load or dynamically reschedule everything. Based on historical data, we can adjust OptiRoute to predict what shipments or parcels will need to be sent and when.

Addressable use cases:
  • delivery routes and shipping 
  • inter-warehouse transportation 
  • container and truck loading 
  • logistics rescheduling and prediction of needs 
  • milk runs 


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