Cloud4Wi Inc.

Leverage your guest WiFi to safely collect, analyze and act on location-based customer data.

Location-Based Customer Data Drive Results

Cloud4Wi delivers actionable, location-based customer data with marketing opt-ins, enabling new customer experiences that perfectly delight customers. You can easily expand your outreach, and create two-way, real-time engagement in a whole new way.

Brick-and-mortar businesses today need to align digital and physical experiences, building 1-1 relationships and driving results... That's where Cloud4Wi comes in. Cloud4Wi delivers location-based customer data directly from WiFi, without the need to install a mobile app, empowering your Microsoft CRM and CDP. This enables you to craft perfectly-tailored customer experiences in a whole new way, at no additional cost.

Know customers –existing and potential– that visit your physical locations. Gather customer contacts, location-based behavioral characteristics and real-time actions – with marketing opt-ins.


Automatically feed location-based customer data in real time into your Microsoft CRM and CDP to create two-way, real-time engagement across the entire journey.

● Expand your marketing outreach by connecting with customer contacts identified in your physical locations
● Deliver perfectly-tailored communications by profiling customers based on their location and behavioral characteristics
● Power 1-1 relationships by triggering customers based on their real-time, location-aware actions.


    • EXTENDED EXPERIENCES: Enable perfectly-tailored customer experiences – that start and go far beyond the physical location

    • FLEXIBLE AND SECURE: Collect customer data and consent according to company requirements, and in compliance with all privacy regulations

    • SCALABLE: Grow with your business, leverage the cloud-based environment and get the agility you need to scale.

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