SupplyChain: Production Planning Simulation Soft.

от Cosmo Tech

Supply chain digital twin simulation boosts productivity and unlock value in production planning

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is a digital supply chain twin that simulates & optimises production plans and drives the alignment of decisions both horizontally and vertically throughout the supply chain.

With Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, manufacturers can simulate and optimise production plans on demand. Powerful optimisation algorithms based on simulation identify the optimal execution plan, outline actions for every step along the way, and over any time scale. Cosmo Tech Supply Chain can simulate demand variability arising from unexpected events and enables manufacturers to optimise current operations or adjust plans while achieving desired KPIs.


  • Model and provide a 360° view of complex supply chain flows

  • Include multiple constraints (production throughput, equipment capacity, team and subcontractor availability, storage limitations…)

  • Unlimited what-if scenarios: Design & simulate scenarios to predict the impact of your decisions on your whole organisation

  • How-to optimisation: Prescribe the best operational strategy for your supply chain at any time scale

  • Sensitivity analysis: Test robustness to unexpected events

  • Automatic bottleneck identification: Get an early alert of potential bottlenecks on your production line to understand what actions to take, when and where.

  • Automatic safety stock positioning & sizing: Find the right safety stock level at each stage of the supply chain

  • Cost calculation: Consider the costs of your scenarios and develop a realistic production plan

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