RHINO: A Drilling IoT Sensor & Edge Device

от DataCloud

Helping teams meet their production goals with real-time orebody analytics.

Increase throughput with advanced orebody knowledge during production. By using the blast hole drill as a connected sensor, mine site teams have a better understanding of their orebody. RHINO measures their rock at a high resolution and clearly identifies variability at incremental depths. This leads to Drill and Blast teams improving fragmentation, saving costs on explosives, and sharing rock intel to downstream operations for continued optimization. Our compact IoT sensor package can be installed in minutes and measures a variety of previously unavailable rock properties.  Vibration signatures in the drill steel are acquired and wirelessly transmit to an edge device in the driller’s cab. Initial processing is performed on the edge device prior to compressing the data and streaming it to the cloud via cellular or WiFi networks to MinePortal for remaining analysis. KNOW THE ROCK to know the most efficient extraction plan.  

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