Datamole Anomaly Detection Tool

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Uncover unexpected business incidents (events, actions and behavior) as they are happening

Datamole Anomaly Detection Tool is utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence for detecting outliers, anomalies and hidden behavior in large and complex data.

ADT is a Plug & Play web application that can be integrated into any company ecosystem. Anomaly Detection Tool (ADT) can be used in various scenarios - from predictive maintenance and detecting unexpected machinery incidents, through improving quality of products and uptime of production lines to monitoring anomalies during the operations and events.

Anomaly Detection Tool Benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts

  • Faster time to detection

  • Reduction in incidents costs

  • More incidents revealed

  • Up and running in within two weeks
  • Cloud based AI-powered solution

  • No need for Data or Software engineering knowledge

  • Smart Alert Filtering - get notified only when needed

  • 4 easy steps

    • Connect your datasources

    • Create Anomaly Detector in friendly UI

    • Run and monitor real-time

    • Optimize your business

Anomaly Detection Tool Use cases:

  • Predictive maintenance

  • System health monitoring

  • Anomalous events detection in sensor networks

  • Ecosystem disturbances

  • Production system monitoring

Service fraud detection

  • Unexpected events and incidents

  • Fault & damage detection

  • Fraud detection

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