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From machine data to profitable data products

The Datamole IoT Platform is a developer-friendly platform which grows with you, turns your data into actionable insights, and enables your organization to make better business decisions.  From tractors to microscopes, to dairy farms to cafe’s, we understand the core components of successful IoT projects.


  • Connect any device from anywhere: the platform supports bidirectional communication between your devices and the cloud, all industry standard protocols such as HTTPs, lightweight IoT specific protocols (AMQP, MQTT) and more, message encryption and a secure gateway.
  • Manage your devices seamlessly: the platform allows you to provision and register devices, monitor their state and setup alerting, authenticate devices using X.509 certificates and configure and control your devices from the cloud using device twins and direct method calls
  • Collect and store data of any type and volume: the platform provides highly-available ingestion which scales according to your business needs, with reliable and durable storage to ensure your data will never get lost, as well data agnostic storage to collect and store data of any type and volume
  • Build stream or batch data processing pipelines: the platform supports stream processing for low latency apps or batch processing for the rest, orchestration of complex data processing pipelines via intuitive UI interface or via execution of your code in language of your choice, and version control by using declarative definitions of your pipelines
  • Share, visualize and analyze your data: The platform offers: ready-to-use visualisation and analytics tools allowing you to work with data out of the box, data APIs for integration of any third-party application such as Tableau, PowerBI, JupyterLab, etc. and data democratization via role-based access control to enable collaboration across your organisation



  • Flexible Microservices Architecture
  • Scalable by Design
  • Highly Available
  • Fully Customizable
  • Built-in Security
  • In Cloud or On-premise

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