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Automated Monitoring and Real Time Optimization

eDrilling workclosely with E&P companies, operators, and service companies to help themsave cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations.

Our mission is tohelp energy professionals at E&P companies, operators and service companiesreach their goals by providing drilling and well performance solutions neededto better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate drilling operations.

wəllAhead™ iseDrilling's software solution for automated monitoring, real-time optimization,and live well support. It is designed for use on rig, in Real Time DecisionSupport Centers, and for any other individual or teams supporting live drillingoperations. It is also the foundation of any viable rig-side automation.


Our softwareprovides forecasting, forward-looking and what-if analysis, allowing for changein parameters for optimal drilling (drilling the perfect well).

Hazard prevention

Prior tooperations, eDrilling provides you with software to acquire skills andexperience on you specific upcoming well, focusing on risk avoidance andhandling. During operations, eDrilling software at a very early stage detectsanomalies, crews are provided diagnostics messages and notifications in goodtime to make the necessary adjustments.

NPT avoidance

As above, eDrillinguses aritifical intelligence and predictive analytics to foresee what willhappen with your well. Software provides diagnostics and first actions to thecrew (or directly to the control system), in order to change the drilling plan– to avoid problems

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